EURO Summer Institute

Decision-making under uncertainty for commodities and financial markets

15-25 September 2024

Ischia (Naples) Italy

Important Dates


Extended to June 10, 2024


July 7, 2024

Summer Institute

15-25 September 2024


Motivation and Purpose

The main purpose of ESI is to establish a network of outstanding people who will continue to work together in the future.

Participation in an ESI should be regarded as a considerable honour. The main objective of an ESI is to give a limited number of carefully selected representatives of the next generation a unique opportunity for establishing a personal network and for addressing an international audience and thus to create new research groups around the topic chosen.

The basic idea is that around 25 early stage researchers, who are either PhD students or who have less than two years research experience since completing a PhD can meet for ten days. All participants will have an unpublished paper within the theme announced, and will present their material, discuss it with others and with a handful of specially invited senior experts in the field, and finally prepare a paper to be considered for inclusion in a feature issue of an OR publication.

The scientific sessions will be hosted at the hotel Sorriso Thermae, and laureates will share a double room with another laureate. 

Scientific Program

To be eligible, a candidate must be the main contributor of a single-authored or co-authored paper related to the field of Optimization under Uncertainty, which has not yet been published or accepted for publication. Topics of interest are, for example:

Each laureate will give a presentation of 40 minutes about their paper plus 20 minutes for questions. Moreover, there will be presentations from international experts. In addition to those presentations, we intend to hold several workshops, each coordinated by two or three of the invited speakers. During these workshops, the laureates, split into groups, will have the chance of working together on a given topic. After two days, each group will present its findings. These workshops give the laureates the opportunity to delve deeper into some of the topics addressed in the talks of the experts. Furthermore, we hope to encourage laureates to work together on some problems and, hopefully, lay the grounds for future collaborations among them.

Finally, there will be a special issue of Annals of Operational Research (AOR) covering the topics of the ESI and selected papers of the Institute will be eligible for submission. Guest Editors: Rita L. D’Ecclesia, Audrius Kabašinskas and Alois Pichler. More information are available here:

Applying to the ESI

EURO fully supports the cost for accommodation and board for the duration of the institute for each accepted laureate.

Who can apply?

To apply to the ESI, you

What to submit?

How to submit?

Upload all  the required document by clicking on the following link:

The deadline for submission is June 10, 2024.

What next?

The admission process for candidates will focus on the quality of their submitted paper, their scientific background as well as their interest in the field of Optimization under Uncertainty. Applicants might be asked to clarify their statement before the final decision.

The Scientific Committee selects and ranks the candidates and the Organizing Committee will liaise with the national OR societies to secure funding to cover travel expenses (which are not included in the ESI grant).

The Scientific Committee will notify applicants about the final decision by email by 7 July, 2024.

The selected applicants will be announced in the official program and published on the web page.